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Upon selecting a subject, a box will appear that requires you to identify your level of confidence in teaching that subject. For each subject that you have selected, please rank your confidence level on a scale of 1 to 5.
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5- Absolute Confidence. I can teach this subject matter without any preparation.
4- Confident. I can teach this subject, but need to talk with the student before the tutoring session.
3- Somewhat Confident. I know the subject, but would need to refresh my skills before tutoring it.
2- Very Little Confidence. I have studied this subject, but would need to reteach myself the material before ever tutoring it.
1- No Confidence. I should not be teaching this subject.

General Subjects

Accounting Computer Training  
English Learning Disabilities  
Math Science  
Statistics Study/Organizational Skills  
American History World History  
Ancient History Sociology  
Geography Social Studies  

Computer Training

Java Programming C++/Object Oriented Programming  


Grammar Handwriting  
Phonics Reading  
Spelling Vocabulary  
Writing Skills Editing College Papers  

Foreign Language

ESL (English as a Second Language) French  
German Arabic  
Italian Latin  
Spanish Chinese  
Japanese Korean  
Hebrew Russian  
American Sign Language    

Learning Disabilities

Dyscalculia Dyslexia  


Algebra Algebra II  
Calculus Decimals  
Geometry Pre-Algebra  
Pre-Calculus Trigonometry  


Anatomy Biology  
Cellular Biology Chemistry  
Organic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry  
Earth Sciences General  
Psychology Physics  

Standardized Test Prep

ACT (Verbal) ACT (Math)  
GED (Math) GED (Language Arts)  
GED (Science) GED (Social Studies)  
GRE (Quantitative) GRE (Verbal)  
SAT (Math) SAT (Verbal)  
GMAT (Quantitative) GMAT (Verbal)  
Praxis I Praxis II (Math)  
Praxis II (English) Praxis II (History)  


MBA Human Resource Management  
Finance Marketing  
MicroEconomics MacroEconomics  

Legal Studies

Constitutional Law Contracts  
Civil Procedure Property  
Torts Legal Writing  
Political Science    


Islamic Studies Biblical Studies  
Judaic Studies World Religion  
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